About BlackMissile:

Once upon a time, the worlds most powerful nations clashed in an Apocalyptic war. Nukes were launched, chemical weapons dropped, people slaughtered by the millions by huge tanks and advanced weapons systems. This day, commander was called the Apocalypse.

BlackMissile offers you:
- many new units, each one unique in its own way.
- 2 new game modes, Infantry War and Apocalypse.
- New crates that contain goodies and baddies.
- The AI is Insane, guranteed to take at least 3 attempts to defeat.
- Advanced Defenses, some can undeploy and redeploy.
- Awesome looking explosions and fire anims.
- The NovaStar will gurantee victory if you can afford its $1m bill!
- Total carnage this mod is for those who seek destruction, but still want a worthy challenge.

Good luck commander!